MTCINE (MikroTik Certified Inter-Networking Engineer)


·     To enroll in the MTCINE course, participants must have already obtained both the MTCNA and MTCRE certificates.

Course Description:

Over a span of 2 days, the MTCINE course offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills necessary for setting up and managing organization-wide networks. The curriculum is structured around three main modules covering BGP, MPLS, and Traffic Engineering, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding of each aspect.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn about Autonomous Systems (AS), the functionalities of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), MPLS basics, static label mapping, traffic engineering principles, and more. The course aims to equip attendees with the skills to implement advanced routing and switching technologies effectively and efficiently in a MikroTik environment.

Ideal For:

This course is suited for network engineers and technicians who are responsible for deploying and supporting complex networks that leverage BGP, MPLS, and VPLS protocols, and wish to advance their knowledge in these areas.

Course Outline:

1.   BGP: Covers Autonomous System (AS) concepts, BGP essentials, route distribution and filters, prefix attributes, route reflectors, and confederations.

2.   MPLS: Includes MPLS basics, Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), VPLS tunnels, VRF and route leaking, along with BGP-based layer3 tunnels (L3VPN).

3.   Traffic Engineering: Focuses on traffic engineering concepts, RSVP, bandwidth allocation, and limitation settings.



Course Duration:

2 Days (12 Hours total)(6 hours per day including breaks)


Course and Certificate exam Price:

 €650 per participant  (maximum 7 participants)