Cisco ENARSI (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services)


Before enrolling in the ENARSI course, participants should have a general understanding of network fundamentals, know how to implement LANs, manage and secure network devices, and possess basic knowledge of network automation. It's recommended to have completed the Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) course as a preparation.

Course Description:

ENARSI provides in-depth training on implementing, operating, configuring, and troubleshooting advanced network routing and services within an enterprise network. This includes a focus on both IPv4 and IPv6 technologies, as well as covering various aspects of EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, and MPLS. The course also delves into network optimization, route redistribution, path control, and securing routing solutions.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing the ENARSI course, you'll be able to configure and optimize EIGRP and OSPF, implement MP-BGP in IPv4 and IPv6 environments, understand MPLS VPN architecture, implement Cisco IOS DMVPNs, and troubleshoot various advanced network issues. The course also covers the implementation of network redundancy protocols and DHCP, along with an introduction to securing the IPv6 first hop and troubleshooting infrastructure security and services.

Ideal For:

This course is ideal for enterprise network engineers, system engineers, administrators, and network professionals involved in the advanced routing and services sectors of enterprise networks

Course Outline:

The course covers various advanced routing protocols and services, including EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP, both in theory and through extensive lab exercises. It addresses MPLS and MPLS VPNs, route redistribution, path control strategies, and troubleshooting of complex network scenarios. Participants will also learn about network virtualization, DMVPN, DHCP, and IPv6 security measures.

Course Duration:

     5 Days (30 Hours total)(6 hours per day including breaks)


Course Price:

    €1,000 per participant  (maximum 7 participants)