Cisco DCIT (Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure)


Participants should have a strong foundation in configuring, securing, and maintaining LAN and SAN based on Cisco Nexus and MDS switches, Cisco Unified Computing System, and Cisco ACI to fully benefit from this course.

Course Description:

The DCIT course focuses on building knowledge and skills necessary for troubleshooting a data center's network infrastructure. It covers a wide array of troubleshooting tools and methodologies available from the Command-Line Interface (CLI) used to identify and resolve issues in a Cisco Data Center network architecture.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to troubleshoot data center networks, VLANs, PVLANs, port channels, virtual port channels, VXLANs, and issues related to routing and high-availability protocols. They'll also learn about troubleshooting LAN security features, device-specific issues, Fibre Channel interface operation, and issues related to FIP and FCoE performance, among others.

Ideal For:

This course is ideal for network designers, network administrators, network engineers, system engineers, data center engineers, consulting systems engineers, technical solutions architects, server administrators, network managers, and Cisco integrators or partners who are looking to enhance their troubleshooting skills in the data center domain.

Course Outline:

The course includes sections on troubleshooting processes, CLI tools, VLANs, PVLANs, port channels, VXLANs, routing, high-availability protocols, data center LAN security, device-specific issues, Fibre Channel interfaces, Cisco UCS architecture, configuration, troubleshooting, and integration with Cisco UCS Manager, among other topics. The course is structured to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on experience.

Course Duration:

      5 Days (30 Hours total)(6 hours per day including breaks)


Course Price:

     €1,000 per participant  (maximum 7 participants)