DCACI (Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure)


Before enrolling, you should have:

· Understanding of networking protocols, routing, and switching.

· Familiarity with Cisco Ethernet switching products.

· Understanding of Cisco data center architecture.

·     Familiarity with virtualization fundamentals. Courses like "Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA)" and "Understanding Cisco Data Center Foundations (DCFNDU)" are recommended to help meet these prerequisites

Course Description:

This course teaches you how to implement and manage the Cisco Nexus 9000 in ACI mode, covering configuration, management, external network connections, and Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) integration. It aims to equip learners with hands-on experience and understanding necessary for deploying Cisco ACI fabric for improved application deployment and data center management

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion, participants will be able to describe Cisco ACI fabric infrastructure, policy model logical constructs, basic packet forwarding, external network connectivity, VMM integration, Layer 4 to Layer 7 integrations, and explain Cisco ACI management features

Ideal For:

The course is aimed at network and software engineers interested in automation and programmability. This includes roles such as Network Designers, Network Administrators, Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, Data Center Engineers, Consulting Systems Engineers, Technical Solutions Architects, Field Engineers, Server Administrators, Network Managers, Storage Administrators, Cisco Integrators, and Partners

Course Outline:

The course covers key ACI concepts, including Cisco ACI Fabric Infrastructure, policy models, packet forwarding, external connectivity, VMM integration, and management features. Labs include fabric discovery, configuring NTP, creating access policies, enabling connectivity within and between EPGs, configuring external connections, and integrating with VMware vCenter

Course Duration:

     7 Days (42 Hours total)(6 hours per day including breaks)


Course Price:

€1,250 per participant  (maximum 7 participants)