AI Fundamentals and Installation

Introduction to AI Fundamentals and Installation Practice (Level 1)


     Basic Understanding of Programming, Familiarity with Computer Systems, Linux and Problem-Solving Skills

Course Description:

This course provides a practical introduction to artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on AI fundamentals and the setup and configuration of AI services. Participants will learn the essentials of AI, including machine learning, deep learning, and classical programming. Through hands-on projects, students will gain experience installing services like LM Studio, deploying AI models, and maintaining AI systems.

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand AI concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, and classical programming.

- Gain practical experience setting up Ubuntu Server with NVIDIA hardware.

- Learn how to install and configure AI services like LM Studio.

- Develop, train, and evaluate AI projects using modern AI frameworks.

- Understand how to deploy and maintain AI models and services on an Ubuntu Server.

- Recognize best practices for security and data privacy in AI.

Ideal For:

- Beginners and students new to AI who want to gain practical experience with AI technologies.

- Professionals in IT or related fields looking to enhance their knowledge of AI and its applications.

- Enthusiasts interested in AI who want to learn how to set up AI services on a local server.

Course Outline:

- Day 1: AI Fundamentals

  - Overview of AI concepts, types, and applications.

  - Basics of classical programming: logic and search algorithms.

  - Introduction to machine learning concepts and algorithms.

  - Basics of deep learning and neural networks.

  - Practice exercises with AI fundamentals.

- Day 2: Installation Practice

  - Introduction to Ubuntu Server and NVIDIA hardware.

  - Hardware requirements and server installation.

  - Installing NVIDIA drivers and CUDA Toolkit.

  - Verifying installation and testing GPU performance.

  - Installing an example service like LM Studio.

  - Configuring LM Studio for AI projects.

  - Hands-on practice with AI projects.

Course Duration:

2 Days (12 Hours total)(6 hours per day including breaks)

- Day 1: AI fundamentals

- Day 2: Installation practice

Course Price:

- €650 per participant (maximum 15 participants)


- English